Apparel (Keene Wolverines)

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2023/24 Wolverines Gear and Apparel is ready to roll!!! 


This season we are happy to announce that we are endorsing 2 locations for approved apparel and gear. This will give our membership some more options as well as greater convenience for some.

Ricarts Apparel - Peterborough 


Online store:


Ricarts Online store and ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY Date: Sept 4 @ 5pm  (no extensions, no exceptions) 

Online store will be reopened for a period later in the season


NEW PLAYERS - GAME SOCKS are NOT provided by the Wolverines. Game Socks are to be purchased through Ricarts ONLY to ensure that all of our membership have matching socks. If your player has outgrown their socks or if their's are full of holes. - we ask that they are replaced.


All players all teams require both home and away socks.  These can be found using the Ricarts link above. 



OWHA mandates that all players must wear matching socks.



NEW - Grinders Sports - Campbellford


Online Store:


This online store is open year round You may also visit the store front in Campbellford at anytime and they carry in stock items that you can buy and take home same day


Grinders will be setting up a pop up shop in September for us - date to be announced.